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Curated Planthropie Essentials! Dig into our must haves and to live for dessert & cheese, that's entirely plant based, refined sugar free, gluten free. 

THIS BOX INCLUDES: For ingredients & allergens information see below

MINI CAKE PACK: Signature Cheesecake, The Tirawmisu, The Lemon, Au' Cacao

CHEESE PACK: The Original, Pink Truffle, Garlic Noir, Za'atar 

SMALL BITES: Brownie Truffle, Pistachio Rose Energy Ball, Hazelnut Chocolate Energy Ball, Cacao Fudge Bar

Your Planthropie goodness will be packaged and shipped to you within 1-2 weeks. We will use 1-2 day shipping and tracking information will be emailed to you once your order ships out! 


SIGNATURE CHEESECAKE:cashew cheese, almonds, dates, maple, coconut milk, purified water, white cacao, lemon juice, vanilla, triple berry compote (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry), sea salt

TIRAWMISU: cultured cashew mascarpone, dates, maple, coconut milk, purified water, raw cacao powder, cacao butter, coffee syrup, vanilla, sea salt

THE LEMON:cashew cream, dates, maple, coconut milk, purified water, cacao butter, fresh lemons, lemon zest, turmeric, vanilla, sea salt

AU CACAO: cashews, Peruvian cacao, pure maple, coconut milk, purified water, Peruvian cacao butter, mesquite, vanilla, sea salt


THE ORIGINAL:cultured cashews, purified water, spices, sea salt, cultures

PINK TRUFFLE:cultured cashews, purified water, white truffle infused olive oil, spices, dragon fruit, beets powder, sea salt, cultures

GARLIC NOIR:cultured cashews, purified water, fermented black garlic, spices, sea salt, cultures

ZA'ATAR:cultured cashews, purified water, wild thyme, sumac, toasted white sesame seeds, spices, sea salt, cultures


BROWNIE TRUFFLE: Peruvian cacao, cashew cream, pure maple, mesquite, vanilla, Peruvian cacao powder, sea salt. May contain traces of coconut.

PISTACHIO ROSE: Organic pistachios, cashews, dates, pure maple, rosewater, sea salt. Pistachio & Rose a match made in heaven with floral notes and Mediterranean love! Contains: pistachios, cashews. May contain traces of coconut.

HAZELNUT CACAO: Organic hazelnuts, cashews, dates, Peruvian cacao, pure maple, sea salt

CACAO FUDGE BAR: Organic Peruvian cacao, cashew cream, dates, pure maple, coconut cream, mesquite, Peruvian cacao nibs, sea salt

Made in a kitchen that processes tree nuts, coconut, peanuts and sesame. Not a GF facility.

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